When my dog Midge (my beautiful Rottie) was in her prime time and loved everyone she would just keep jumping up at them not realising her strength, I asked Kasia to come round and help me out to stop this. Kasia came round and started giving Midge a few basic commands. After a few sessions and perseverance, it worked! That's not all, although the training school is for training, when Midge was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in February 2013, Kasia was there for me, helped and guided me through the rough time ahead. It was not easy for me to make a decision on what's best for Midge and sitting down with Kasia and talking through what was best for my dog was a great comfort. Would recommend Bingo training school to anyone if It was in the UK. Thank you Kasia for being there for me when I needed you most. Lorraine in rainy UK 

Thank you Kasia for a nice time at the training course with my hyperactive border collie Leeloo. You are very patient and warm person with passion for what you do and my dog loves you. Best wishes. Iwona from London

Thank you Kasia for all your help with our ridgeback Tully. She was such a nightmare to take for a walk before we met you. You have helped us so much. You are amazing and we all appreciate what you have taught us and life with Tully now will be much more enjoyable. Lisa from Killcare

I took Flash, my 18month old Kelpie, to Bingo Dog training in late 2013. Flash had never been to puppy school and was now becoming a handful. He was pulling on the lead and rarely came to me if I called him. My wife even refused to take him on walks!  After a consultation with Kasia we worked out a plan that suited me and after only 3 lessons Flash is a changed dog. 

Wayne Dawson from Terrigal

Thank you so much Kasia. We are going to do our best in training our dog according to your tips. Your sessions have been great. I will definitely recommend you to someone who needs dog training. Sue from Green Point

I was Kasia's tutor for the Middlesex University accredited modules with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training. I have taught Kasia on a workshops and distance learning modules. Kasia has committed herself 100% to her studies and her development and increasing knowledge in the canine behaviour & training arena. Her work has been submitted to an excellent standard of presentation and always in a timely manner.  Ross McCarthy, Director of Course Development, CIDBT

Thank you for all your help. Both dogs have improved so much, as have we, as we are aware of how to help them understand what we want from them. It's a work in progress and training at 39 weeks pregnant has its own challenges but enjoyable all the same! Thank you! Nicola from Bensville

Thank you for training Tilly! You have a very good method of training dogs. You have made it lots of fun for all of us. Thank you! Stephen from Gorokan

Thank you Kasia for helping me to understand Hugo and for having fun during our training sessions! Can't wait to come to your agility training lessons when they start - may have to get a tunnel for Hugo to love before then! Thank you once again. Saira from Erina 

Donny passed his primary school thanks to Kasia,  such a fantastic dog trainer. Cherry and Ryan from Wadalba

Thanks so much for all your help with Angus. It's been a great learning experience for both Angus and I. I would highly recommend your course to anyone thinking about obedience training. Thanks for all your patience. Jessica from Gorokan

Thank you, Kasia. Sophia had a great time socialising with the other puppies and we all learnt so much. Alison from Erina

I am soo happy with how Ralph is improving. Thank you to the mums of Ralphies play friends and to Kasia for taking the time to supervise and offer encouragement. If anyone needs a pet trainer, I highly recommend Bingo Dog Training School. Give it a try, you will be impressed. Rowena from Killarney Vale

Thank you, Kasia. Gracie and I loved our training. Kim from Long Jetty 

Zelda and I had a great training session with Kasia a few days ago on how to train her not to pull on the lead while stationary and moving. She has 70kg behind her and is strong. Kasia was hands on and showed me many skills on how to train her out of this. I'd be happy to recommend Kasia to anyone. Thanks for your help :). Danielle from Gosford

Thank you Kasia from Bingo Dog Training. My fur babies are now behaving well (Mia still has a long way to go but she was a complete lose cannon to begin with). We will continue to train them the way you taught us. Kasia, you love animal with a passion and it's not just about the money. You helped out a lot of rescues including my two Staffies. Thanks to you my dogs behave and you helped us while other trainers turn away from us. My dogs think you are their rock. Selina from Gorokan

I contacted Bingo Dog Training a few months ago as my hyperactive kelpie x was jumping up at everyone including my young kids, 4 and 7, and barking. His lead manners were non existent. It was a relief to see how Archie was changing, we worked on keeping him calm and relaxed and introduced new rules and also many exciting activities so he has things to do to occupy his mind. Thank you, Kasia, you are amazing! And so patient with us! You made the whole process so much easier for us. Thankyou. Charley from Terrigal

We'd like to thank you for all your amazing help training our cavoodle puppy. With Champ being our first dog, we would've been lost without your guidance and training. He's such a joy, and we now feel completely comfortable leaving him around our 8 month old son. So thank you (a big woof, woof from Champ!). Ben from Killcare

Awesome at what they do. Great with my dog who has major behavioural issues. Very professional and very friendly and caring. Briony from Kanwal

I cannot thank Kasia enough for her help with our little dog who was very aggressive towards other dogs, he would pull on the lead and bark his head off at other dogs - I was at my wits end and embarrassed, so was my husband. Kasia showed us some techniques how to stop that behaviour and was with us every step of the way, Toby is now a much better and calmer dog. I know we still have a lot of work ahead of us but at least now we can walk Toby and I don't get headaches like I used to lol Annette from Avoca

Highly recommended! Can't speak highly enough of Bingo Dog Training School for one-on-one sessions. Kasia has been amazing, so friendly and encouraging to both me and Poochie. Kasia has lots of great stories, tips and it's was so helpful to be provided literature to read after the session. Book in with Bingo Dog Training School now, you'll be so pleased you did. Thanks again Kasia for everything xx Emily from Narara

Kasia is a fantastic trainer. We had many issues to overcome with our 5 month old rescue puppy and Kasia has been a great source of advice.We had also given up hope that our 9 year old beagle would ever walk nicely on a lead but Kasia has shown us with the correct technique that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks!Our dogs love seeing Kasia, she has such a calm disposition and the training is always so positive that our dogs enjoy it! Aly from Holgate

I first used Bingo Dog training School to help me assess and train my 2 year old rescue dog. Kasia has a number of qualifications relating to dog behaviour and this combined with an indisputable ability to engage with dogs makes all our training sessions successful. The methods used are positive training techniques which make for happy dogs and happy humans and the School uses a variety of techniques including clickers, agility equipment, supervised socialisation to help dogs become more confortable in a human's world. I thoroughly recommend Bingo Dog Training School - I bet my dog would agree too! Thanks Kasia! Saira from Erina

We have used Bingo training to assist us to train our dogs around the home, as well as whilst out walking. Both of our dogs are pleasant to walk on a lead now and are much better around the house. We have continued on with further walks for our dogs to wear them out as well as learn further skills. Nicola from Bensville

Defin Bingo Dog Training School. Kasia Motte trained my two Staffies and they are behaving so well now. She works for passion and truly loves dogs. She doesn't discriminate my dogs like other trainers did because they are rescue Staffies. Selina from Gorokan

I have a very 'switched on' pup and although I was super committed to help him channel his intelligence productively, it wouldn't have been possible without Kasia's guidance. She has been very patient, understanding and offers multiple options to solve a problem in the short and long term which I find very helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some direction with their four legged buddy. Shweta from Bateau Bay

Our 10 month old kelpie cross, Jesse, loved Kasia from the moment she walked through the door (as did my two daughters!). Kasia is patient and gentle, passionate about what she does and very generous with her time. I have no hesitation in recommending Bingo Dog Training - a gentle and friendly way to help you and your dog. Anna from Gorokan