Private Puppy Preschool

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Private Puppy Preschool

Location: this one-on-one course is run at your home so can be tailored to your circumstances.

We will discuss all puppy-related subjects such as toilet training, play biting, basic commands (sit, stay, come), attention, separation anxiety, preventing behavioural concerns, etc. This course is informal, fun and based on rewards and praise and is designed for the whole family
Course length: 4 one-hour lessons
When: Available session times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday after 4.30pm. Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am or 11 am (subject to availability).
Course fee: $250 

Extra: all puppy preschool clients will receive a copy of Kasia Motte's e-book 'Is your puppy your furBABY? A four legged guide to a happy puppy-human relationship'.


What can you expect in each session?

  • Personalised dog training and advice.

  • Informal and fun dog training lessons filled with practical tips and exciting activities.

  • Help with understanding how to maintain a healthy balance in your dog's life.

  • Support with staying motivated throughout our time together.

  • Clear instructions to practise new commands at home.

  • Advice on how to get and keep your dog's attention and guidance on when to reward your dog.